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About Us





Farm Dog Naturals creates everyday herbal solutions for dogs.
Our products are formulated to be safe, effective and sustainable.  This makes life easier for you customer while making the planet a little brighter.

Our mission is to help dog owners understand how everyday choices can impact their dog's health, themselves and the planet. We put love for dogs and the environment in everything we do. 

Currently, all of our packaging is made in the USA from sustainable or recycable materials. we support local and small farmers first, ingredients made in the United States second and lastly, our overseas ingredients must be Fair Trade. We never use any ingredients made in China. 


          “We are continually faced with great opportunities which are brilliantly             

                   disguised as unsolvable problems.” - Margaret Mead


 Our Vision.


As of 2012, there are approximately 78 million dog owners in the United States. Think of what could be accomplished if every one of those people were educated to read the label and ask questions about the products they buy for their dog?

Important questions like: Where are the products made? Where are the ingredients and materials sourced? How far did it travel to get to them? Are the workers who made the product receiving a living wage? What is the environmental impact of producing that product? What country? How far did each product or ingredient have to travel to get to them?

These are the questions we encourage people to ask when they purchase products for their dogs. Farm Dog Naturals works to inspire and educate dog owners so they become a force for change in their communities.

We are all part of something larger then ourselves and we can either be part of the problem or the solution. Farm Dog Naturals is choosing to part of the solution by encouraging people to connect with the goods they purchase and start asking questions.

We are inspired by our business and we realize that each decision we make affects the world around us. Our vision is that 78 million people will begin to examine what they purchase for themselves and their dogs.


As a small company, we continually revise the search for sources for our ingredients that are closer to Elmwood, TN. The majority of the herbs we use are grown at Sage Hill Farm in Petersburg, TN, 45 minutes from our facility. We source our peppermint, lavender, apricot oil, aloe, candelilia wax, mineral salts, lemon oil, cherry kernel oil, coconut oil and almond oil all from within the United States. Out of necessity we do source a few of our ingredients from overseas but we make sure our suppliers utilize Fair Trade Standards. We purchase these from Green America Certified companies such as Mountain Rose Herbs. Companies with this certification have the highest standards when it comes to out of the country production of raw ingredients. We do not source any ingredients or packaging from China. If you have any questions about how or where we source our ingredients please contact us. 

Certifications and Giving.

In July of 2011, Farm Dog Naturals was certified by Green America as a sustainable and environmentally sound small manufacturer. Green America has strict standards for certification and a detailed review process that allows them to weed out any companies that practice green washing  View our Green America Report Here: http://www.greengaintool.org/front/fronts/profile/2610.     Farm Dog Naturals also has the Green People Seal of Approval.                

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All of our products are vegan friendly.  Our products are NEVER tested on animals. We are a PETA business member and certified cruelty-free through Leaping Bunny.  We encourage every consumer to visit the Leaping Bunny website and take the consumer cruelty-free test to help measure their participation in making all manufacturing cruelty free. Farm Dog Naturals donates 2% of all sales to Sound Forest, an organization committed to imporving natural and urban forests in Tennessee by planting native species.



Meet our peeps.


 me.jpgRita Hogan

 Our herbalist and co-founder

Rita loves herbs and all things natural. She lives  in Olympia, Washington with her partner and 2 pugs, 1 schnoodle, and Bones their 3 legged cat.  Rita loves the environment, writing, herbology, activism, art, and of course, animals.  







Lynn Higgins

co-founder & production

Lynn is an expert in canine nutrition and alternative therapies. Lynn lives with her husband Bob in Nashville, Tennesee with their dog Reggie.





maureen-hogan.jpg Maureen Hogan

 artistic coordinator, sales & production

Maureen delights us everyday with artistic design. Maureen lives with her partner in Olympia, Washington. She is a part-time clay artist, loves reading, birds, and the ocean.

jeffrey.jpg     Jeffrey Martin

Soical Networking & Graphic Design

Jeffrey is a graphic desiner and social guru.  He lives in Seattle and loves it.  Jeffery sings, writes and enjoys life to the fullest.


We put love for dogs and the environment in everything we do. Healthy Dog. Happy Planet. FacebookTwitterPinterestTumblrLinkedInGooglePlus