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Many of the herbs that are popular in today's mass market face extinction due to GMO crops, pesticides, herbacides & fertilizers. Farm Dog uses herbs that can be grown locally which helps ensure they are also grown sustainably. 

Farm Dog's herbs are grown at Sage Hill Farms in Petersburg, Tennessee where owners Bea and Mike Kunz use methods like companion planting and healthy soil to control pest and disease.  

We are fortunate to have a relationship with Sage Hill Farms.  The farm is less than 70 miles away from our farm allowing us to pick up our herbs at harvest time.

In Tennessee?  Take a tour of the Sage Hill Farms. Contact Bea at: Sage Hill Farms, 32 old Petersburg Pike Petersburg, Tn 37144 (931) 438-8328





More than 5,000 species of medicinal plants are endangered or threatened in the United States and Europe. Deforestation, unrestricted trade, lack of information and scientific support all contribute to the decline of endangered plants. As conscientious consumers, we ask that you encourage manufacturers to disclose the origination point of the ingredients in their products. Asking questions enables you to make informed decisions about the products you purchase. You will be better able to evaluate your needs, your pet’s needs and how your choices have an impact locally, nationally and globally.

What can you do?  Read the label and ask questions. Try to buy products that use locally or regionally grown herbs. This will help reduce the number of endangered plants harvested in distant locations for global use.  Look for alternatives for the specific endangered herb that you need.  Many plants have simular properties.




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