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Our Roots

our-roots-header.jpgHow did Farm Dog Naturals come to be?  It all started with need for herbal products for dogs that were safe, effective and produced from truly sustainable ingredients and manufacturing practices.  

Two Women Meet.

In 2004, Rita Hogan, herbalist and founding partner of Farm Dog Naturals, started Music City Pug Rescue with the intention of rescuing unwanted pugs as well as educate pug owners on the benifits of living a holistic life with their dogs.

While working with pugs that were coming out of negative situations,  Rita saw a necessity for two healing salves, Restore and Salvation. One that healed up inflammations, yeast, dry skin, crusty noses and another that took care of nasty gashes, punctures and incessant itching. Rita created and used these salves on the rescue pugs to help bring down rescue costs and limit the pugs exposure to antibiotics and steroids from secondary infections.

Enter Lynn.

As pug rescue was growning, Rita met Lynn Higgins owner of Dizzy's Dog Wash & Corner Store, an all natural pet supply store and self-service dog wash in Nashville, TN. Lynn worked with Rita providing the canine nutritional components that helped the rescue dogs recover and also helped educate pug owners on the benefits of feeding an all-natural diet. The two women continued to work with one another eventually deciding in 2007 to form a sustainable company, Farm Dog Naturals, LLC. Since then, development continues on additional herbal dog products that are safe, effective, and produced with sustainable ingredients.

The Future.

The future of Farm Dog Naturals is to build solid relationships with individual customers and selective retailers across the country. Farm Dog is working hard to support their mission of helping dog owners understand how everyday choices can impact their dog's health, themselves and the planet.


Healthy Dog. Happy Planet.

Never Tested On Animals


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