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  • Rejoice Odor Removing Sage Stick for household with dogs.
  • Rejoice Odor Remover. Removes odors in the air so you do not have to deal with dog odors anymore.
  • Rejoice Odor Removing Smudge Stick removes odor in the air

Rejoice Odor Removing Smudge Stick. Put an end to bad smells and wet dog odor.

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Product Description

Rejoice (Ri·jois)  verb 1. to be glad; to take delight in.

Rejoice Odor Removing Smudge Stick Instantly Removes Odors From The Air.

As dog's best friend, you can live odor free with our Rejoice White Sage Smudge Stick. Amazingly, white sage smoke neutralizes odors instead of covering them up.

Surviving those not-so-great moments. Rejoice smudge sticks help you survive those lovely "oops mom, I just pooped on the bedroom floor while you were sleeping moments" Now, you no longer have to suffer and everyone can go right back to sleep. Now that is cause to Rejoice!  

Benefits Of Rejoice Odor Removing Smudge Stick:  

  • Instantly removes odors in the air

  • Easy to use and last for months

  • Does not mask odors, Rejoice eliminates them

  • Sustainable white sage grown in California

  • Each stick is rolled and wrapped by hand


Rejoice is the answer to wet dog smell and well, gas.

RX: Light the end of the smudge stick and gently blow out to produce smoke. Slowly wave in the air near the area of the odor. Extinguish in a bowl of sand or under water and let dry. 


All Of Our Ingredients Are Non-GMO, Cruelty Free And Vegan Friendly.


Simple Herbal Ingredients: California White Sage


We Put Love For Dogs and The Environment In Everything We Do. Healthy Dog. Happy Planet.



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